It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s An Horse.

This Friday, at the North Star Bar, I had a chance to sit down and ask the lovely people of  An Horse some questions. They are a two piece band from Australia who has toured with many big name bands in the past few years. Guitarist and singer, Kate Cooper and drummer Damon Cox have been killing it on tour for the past months since their sophomore album, Walls was released. Check out the interview below and check out this video from the new album. Keep an eye out on this band, they’ll be blowing up soon. They rule.

With just a two member band, do you find things to be more manageable? And are there ever moments, whether it be during a live performance or in the studio that you wish you had more members?

Kate: No. Way. We’re very capable. In the studio less is better, because we get to do more stuff.

Damon: We feel like we have everything we need. If something needs something, then we’ll just play it ourselves. 

Having toured with big acts such as Alkaline Trio and the Silversun Pickups, what’s one band that you dream of touring with?

Kate and Damon: We’ve been pretty luck to have toured with the bands we’ve toured with. We’re grateful for those experiences.

Kate: We’d love to play with Neil Young.

Damon: A lot of the bands we’ve toured with we’ve been big fans of beforehand so we’ve gotten pretty lucky.

Do you prefer opening for larger bands or playing small shows that you headline?

Damon: We like bigger stages and bigger venues for some reason. We just feel more comfortable on those stages because…

Kate: It’s kind of where we started.

Damon: Our first tour was in those bigger kinds of rooms and we kind of learned how to play together in those big rooms. 

Kate: We would prefer to be headlining in the big rooms…we just gotta get there!

Having Walls released earlier this year, and what seems like endless touring, what’s next?

Kate: Home! No…thats a lie!

Damon: We go to Europe after this. We’ve still got three more shows with Kevin [Devine]. I think we’re gonna try to do some more touring with him in America or Overseas. But we’re going to Europe and then home for some summer festivals. We’re not too sure what’s gonna happen after that. We’re gonna assess what’s going on. Think about a new record maybe. Nothing’s been booked past January at this point. 

Being on Mom and Pop Records with bands like Tokyo Police Club, Metric and Freelance Whales, do you feel influenced by these bands or other bands on the label at all?

Kate and Damon: No, not really. 

Kate: I like them all! But no, not really.

Do you feel influenced by any of the bands you tour with?

Damon: Yeah. 

Kate: Definitely.

Damon: Most bands.

Kate: Try to rip them off all the time. No, that’s not true, but it’s hard to not be influenced by a band you admire on tour. Whether it’s just the way they play or their business practices or the way they treat people. You learn so much.

The sound of the recording and the band together has tightened and changed from Rearranged Beds to Walls. What can fans expect for a change in sound in the next release? 

Kate: It’s not gonna come out of left field what we do. We’re not gonna do a Kid A. The key, for me and Damon is just to get better at what we do and thats incrementally and all the bands that I really admire just grew to write better records and better songs. That’s all I wanna do. Keep writing songs that keep me happy. And Damon happy. And our Mom’s happy. It still blows my mind that there are people who listen to us who aren’t me and Damon and our moms. That’s the plan though, just getting better at what we do. But it will definitely be a step up. There’s no point in putting out a record out if it’s not a step up. 

If you could go see any band, whether together now, broken up, or dead, who would you see?

Damon: I’d like to see Fugazi play again.

Kate: I’d like to see Buddy Holly. Or Otis Redding.

I know genre is a very controversial topic, but I find it so hard to place a label on An Horse. But if you were to walk in to a Record Store, what section would you look through to find your own albums?

Kate: Like the General Rock/Pop section.

Damon: Indie Rock section usually. It’s usually filed under “H”

Kate: Which is incorrect. But yeah, we just try to make good music and if people like it, that’s cool. 

Eric Osman